Why Xaar for Textiles?

For over 25 years, Xaar has led the way in inkjet innovation and has made a major contribution to the transition from analogue to digital printing in a number of industries such as ceramics, labelling and graphics. Now Xaar is looking to accelerate the transition to digital printing in the textiles sector with its new best-in-class inkjet printheads, the Xaar 5601 and the Xaar 1201. Together, these printheads cover a broad range of productivity targets, whether for single-pass or multi-pass scanning systems, with performance levels from less than 100 m2/hr up to 10,000 m2/hr.



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TF Technology for unrivalled reliability 

  • TF Technology ink recirculation ensures nozzles are always supplied with fresh ink at the correct temperature and viscosity, ensuring consistent drop volume, velocity and formation for consistent colour reproduction
  • TF Technology also ensures high reliability and reduced maintenance downtime, due to the high ink flow rate directly past the back of the nozzles. This keeps the nozzles continuously supplied with fresh ink, the printhead operational and the nozzles firing.



AcuDrp Technology for high quality image reproduction

  • Maintaining colour uniformity over time is notoriously difficult to achieve with textile printing. The Xaar 5601 features AcuDrp Technology which provides dynamic drop tuning for each nozzle individually, delivering uniform colour density within a job and between print runs.

Textile printing using digital inkjet technology has been growing steadily. Smithers Pira estimates that the volume of textile printed digitally has increased from 1.26 billion m² in 2013 to 2.17 billion m² in 2018 and expects further growth to 4.07 billion m² by 2023, an average annual growth rate of over 13%.

This growth is driven by trends such as:

  • fast changing fashion seasons, driving a need to get to market faster by producing geographically closer to the target market
  • the growing demand for mass customisation and personalisation
  • the need to minimise waste and pollution
  • the need to reduce supply chain costs associated with inventory levels

These trends drive the requirement for new, digital printing methods which are capable of delivering short print runs quickly and economically whilst minimising any negative impact on the environment.

Xaar 5601 – breakthrough performance for high productivity single-pass printers

  • Delivering exceptional print quality at high levels of productivity – up to 80 linear metres of textiles can be printed per minute
  • Achieving excellent print uniformity and repeatability using AcuDrp Technology and TF Technology.
  • Unparalleled usability is also provided with a number of alignment features that enable quick and easy Plug & Print installation with no mechanical adjustment required

Xaar 5601 – breakthrough performance for high productivity multi-pass printers

  • Delivering exceptional print quality at high levels of productivity.
  • Achieving excellent print uniformity and repeatability using AcuDrp Technology and TF Technology
  • Offers quick and easy Plug & Print printing installation with alignment done using software – no mechanical adjustment is required.



Xaar 1201 – powerful, compact and versatile, ideal for multi-pass printers

  • Best-in-class print quality – the small drop size of 2.5 pL combined with 8 grey levels at 600 npi provide an apparent resolution of better than 1440 dpi
  • 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows provide a compact, versatile printhead capable of printing 1 or 2 colours at 600 npi or 4 colours at 300 npi each, enabling a family of printers to be developed with different performance and price points but all using the same printhead
  • Electrical interfacing via a top mounted flexible flat cable ensures easy and accessible connections when mounted into a multi-pass printer. A gravity-fed ink system makes ink supply design simple and cost-effective.


Xaar 5601

Xaar 1201


Dye-sublimation, pigmented, dye-based

Dye-sublimation, pigmented, dye-based


Fabric, Transfer paper

Fabric, Transfer paper

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Single-pass or

High productivity Multi-pass