Piezo printhead architecture

End-shooter architecture

The conventional design of inkjet printheads uses end shooter architecture i.e. these printheads have nozzle orifices at the end of each channel through which the ink is ejected.

A printhead which uses this architecture is the Xaar 128

Hybrid Side Shooter architecture

Xaar's Hybrid Side Shooter printhead architecture has an inlet and outlet for the ink as well as a separate nozzle in each channel. The nozzle is in the side of the ink channel and the drop is fired perpendicular to the flow of the ink.

Printheads which use this architecture are the Xaar 1003, the Xaar 2001+ C and the Xaar 2001+ U

PrecisionPlus architecture

This unique architecture, which builds on Xaar's highly-successful Hybrid Side Shooter design, optimises actuator performance to deliver more uniform drop formation and velocity across the print swathe and therefore exceptional print quality at longer throw distances.

Printheads which use this architecture are the Xaar 501 GS8 and the Xaar 502 GS15O

Nest architecture

The printhead shape allows printheads to align with one another without increasing the depth of the array. Print zone areas are minimised, increasing print quality and decreasing cost of the printer.