​​​There are a variety of printheads available in the marketplace that offer effectively 3 different drop configurations or three different modes of operation. Xaar provides a selection of printheads that offers companies flexibility to choose the right printhead for the application. XaarDOT®​ (Xaar Drop Optimisatio​n Technology) encompasses a range of drop formation options, each with specific features.​

In a variable drop printhead, XaarDOT® is incredibly flexible in giving customers the choice of what drop size or sizes to use for a job, both in terms of image quality and substrate flexibility. The drop size determines the image resolution and actual dots-per-inch (dpi). By tuning the options, printer manufacturers can design the printer to produce small drops for high quality photographic results for close-up viewing or larger droplets for high speed coverage on billboards or other signage. The choice really is yours – and the range of drop sizes means you can manage dot gain to enable printing on a wide variety of media from glossy paper to other materials, such as card, vinyl etc.

Download fluid optimisation datasheet