​​​​​The Xaar Print Bar System is a high-precision engineered complete system which adds single-pass digital inkjet UV capability to roll-to-roll or sheet-fed presses and provides print service providers with the benefits of digital printing easily and economically. In addition, the unrivalled reliability and exceptional print quality delivered by the Xaar 1002’s TF Technology® make this print bar stand out from anything else on the market.

Using the industrially-proven Xaar 1002 family of printheads, the Xaar Print Bar System prints fine reverse text, flawless barcodes, totally uniform solid areas, and high build effects through a multitude of Xaar 1002 printhead and approved ink combinations. This is ideal for short run, customised and variable data labels, vouchers, forms and packaging; spot varnish to make print stand out from the crowd; opaque white as an alternative to rotary screen or flexo whites; adhesives for cold-foil blocking; and even to print the metallic inks. 
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Total flexibility
  • Available in a range of print widths from 70mm up to 560mm, and Single or Dual configurations with print speeds up to 75m/min as standard
  • Configurable for higher speed, higher laydown or multi-process applications
  • Able to print fine detail, sharp text or graphics as well as flawless high-build solid areas and protective coatings
  • Complete ready-to-use system with full print management and workflow solution enables full control of the print process, whatever your needs
  • Designed to be easily integrated onto a wide range of press designs, web or sheet-fed, and at any point on the press.

High productivity
  • Xaar 1002 printheads with patented TF Technology™, as proven in numerous industrial applications, ensures unsurpassed print reliability and immediate startup
  • Match typical press run speeds for a variety of value-add finishing processes: up to 75 linear metres / minute with Dual Print Bar
  • No set-up requirements means that job changes can be made instantly at the touch of a button 
  • Instant ink cure using UV lamps at high speed. 

Fast return on investment and low cost of ownership
  • High margin short-run and variable data print jobs ensure fast payback
  • Long-lasting industrial printheads and competitively priced systems and inks ensure low running and maintenance costs
  • No print setup and immediate start-up of Xaar printheads means that downtime and consumable costs are minimised and no ink is wasted
  • Efficient use of existing web transport and finishing systems on press

Wide application range
  • Suitable for personalised, short run or variable data printing in a range of applications including labels, tags, forms, packaging, tickets and more
  • Can be used with a wide choice of fluids including black or spot colours for mono-imprinting, protective lacquers to high build spot varnish, under-surface whites behind process colours, adhesives for cold foiling, metallics and other special effects
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of roll-to-roll or sheet-fed presses from retro-fits, new builds or even used as a standalone print unit.

The All New Xaar Print Bar System delivers unrivalled reliability for single-pass printing for applications such as:
  • Lab​​​elling      
  • Packaging
  • Graphics (Spot Varnish)​

Feature​Specification​Additional Information

Print configuration70mm to 560mm at 70mm increments
Three base models: 210mm, 420mm, 560mm
​Resolution​360dpi up to 720dpi, greyscale
​Speed​Up to 75 linear metres per minute​Dual (D) version
​Printheads​Xaar 1002​Choice of Xaar 1002 GS6, GS12, GS40 models: selection dependent on end application
​Colour​Single colour UV per Print Bar
​Approved inks/fluids​K or CMYK, White, Varnish, Adhesives, Metallics​5kg cubitainers
​Substrates​Optimised for coated/uncoated paper, plastic films (PE, PP, PET) and foil
​Ink supply system​Recirculating system with vacuum meniscus control
​Software​TIFF catcher
​Digital front end​TIFF drop folder through Full Variable Data Print RIP​Option
​Pinning​Phoseon FE200 UV LED. Air cooled​Option
​Curing​Phoseon FE300 UV LED. Air cooled​Option
​​Power requirements​Single phase 230V 13A​​
​By ordering a free sample pack you can see for yourself how the Xaar Print Bar System stands out from anything else on the market.

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