Gain competitive advantage with the Xaar 502 GS15S

Reach higher levels of performance in Wide-Format Graphics (WFG) with the Xaar 502 GS15S printhead. Whether printing large exterior banners or indoor point-of-sale material, this premium printhead delivers exceptional print quality, excellent reliability and high production up-time.

  • The unique PrecisionPlus architecture of the Xaar 502 printhead family builds on Xaar’s incredibly successful Hybrid Side Shooter® architecture, proven in the market-leading Xaar 1003 printhead.

  • The Xaar 502 GS15S has been designed by Xaar to ensure its customers remain at the leading edge of print performance.

  • This solvent ink variant enables wide-format graphics printing with either a 180 or 60 npi.

  • A remarkably uniform print swathe allows printheads to be mounted easily together, allowing for trouble-free and easy integration for a fast time-to-market.

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Industrial reliability
The Xaar 502 printheads are designed to deliver industrial reliability and robustness resulting in increased production up-time, particularly in harsh environments.

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Exceptional print quality
The Xaar 502 family of printheads and the revolutionary PrecisionPlus architecture deliver smooth graduations and excellent edge definition for printing text, bar codes and graphics. 

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Flexible and easy integration
The Xaar 502 printheads offer a flexible range of ink supply options and easy printhead integration for maximum versatility, fast manufacturing and minimum servicing time.

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​Xaar 502 GS15S 180
Xaar 502 GS15S 360
​Wide format graphics
Wide format graphics

Xaar 502 GS15S 180

Xaar 502 GS15S 360

Active nozzles ​



Print swathe width

70.5 mm​​

70.5 mm

Number of rows



Nozzle pitch 

141.1 µm

23.5 µm

Drop velocity*

5 m/s

5 m/s

Nozzle density (nozzles per inch)

180 npi

180 npi

Printhead weight (dry)

208 g

208 g

Ink types



Drop volume (at 4 levels)*

15-70 pL

15-40 pL

TF Technology® modes



​Number of grey levels*



Dimensions (W x D x H)

104 x 17 x 113 mm

104 x 17 x 113 mm

* Dependant on ink used and system integration

† Includes filter module (no filter module supplied with Xaar 501 GS8R variant)​​​​​​​

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