​The Xaar 1003 AMp is the first of a new range of market-leading piezoelectric drop-on-demand printheads for Advanced Manufacturing applications.  

The Xaar 1003 AMp is perfect for very small drop fluid deposition on an industrial scale and is capable of consistently jetting droplets as small as 1 pL for the production of fine features, patterns and coatings. The combination of highly accurate, very small drops and unrivalled reliability enables the industrialisation of advanced manufacturing processes in sectors such as display, PCB, semiconductors and photovoltaics. 

Many applications require tight regulation of coating thicknesses, precise patterns and management of substrate surface characteristics. The Xaar 1003 AMp combines highly accurate drop placement, consistent drop volume and high frequency jetting with variable drop size capability to deliver the precise fluid control essential for these processes. 

Precise Fluid Control

The Xaar 1003 AMp is designed for applications where tight control of fluid deposition is required. It can repeatedly jet fluid volumes tuned to a sub-drop range of between 1 and 3 pL with an extremely high degree of accuracy:

  • Optimised Geometry nozzles ensure precise jetting and consistent drop volume across the printhead, even with fluids with a high solids content and/or high viscosity
  • TF Technology™ ensures even distribution of temperature across the printhead for consistent drop formation and uniform, repeatable fluid deposition
  • XaarDOT™ is used to optimise drop size, drop formation and fluid performance to achieve the ideal combination of quality and speed for each specific application
  • Greyscale operation allows the jetting of variable drop volumes within a single pattern to control coating thickness and can be used to counter optical effects such as banding and “Mura”.

Unrivalled Reliability

The Xaar 1003 printhead is designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.

  • TF Technology™ (fluid recirculation) ensures continuous fluid flow at a high rate directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection. This means that fluids are in constant motion keeping particles evenly distributed in suspension and the nozzles primed, which radically improves reliability even in the most challenging of industrial applications
  • TF Technology™ ensures that the printhead is self-priming; therefore maintenance cycles are short and start-up is instantaneous
  • The Xaa​r 1003 AMp recovers quickly from mechanical shock so that production interruptions and operat or intervention are minimised.

Extreme Versatility

The design of the Xaar 1003 AMp enables the use of a wide range of fluids and configuration options. This is complemented by Xaar’s systems components which are optimised for the Xaar 1003 product family and ensure simple and rapid integration:

  • The Xaar 1003 AMp can jet fluids with a broad viscosity range and
    TF Technology™ keeps the fluid in constant motion. This prevents sedimentation and nozzle blocking which is particularly important when using fluids with a high solids content, including metallic particulates
  • The Xaar 1003 AMp is fully scalable to enable simple integration of multiple printheads into larger jetting arrays
  • Xaar’s systems co mponents, including XUSB, HPC3, Midas and Hydra, are designed to optimise the performance of the Xaar 1003; they are also easy to configure and integrate, reducing time-to-market.
The All New Xaar 1003 AMp delivers small drop fluid deposition on an industrial scale for sectors such as:

  • Display
  • PCB
  • Semiconductors 
  • Photovoltaics


Xaar 1003 AMp

Active nozzles


Print swathe width

70.5 mm

Number of rows


Nozzle pitch (interleaved)

70.5 μm

Drop velocity*

7 m/s

Nozzle density 

360 npi

Print addressability (x,y)

360 x 720 dpi

Printhead weight (dry)

122 g

Ink and fluid type

Solvent, UV, Oil 

Drop volume* (at 8 levels)

1 - 3 pL

Number of grey levels*

Up to  8

Typical firing frequency*

6 -12 kHz

Dimensions (WxDxH)

125 x 31 x 61 mm

* Dependent on ink used and system integration ​​

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