​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Xaar offers a range of systems components to accelerate OEM time-to-market. This eases development, saving time and cost whilst ensuring optimal performance of Xaar printheads. The range includes the new Xaar Midas Ink Supply System, Xaar Printhead Manager (XPM​), Xaar XUSB, Xaar Head Personality Card, Xaar Hydra Recirculating Ink Supply System (RISS) and the Xaar Inkjet Development System.

​Xaar Midas Ink Supply System
The new Xaar Midas Ink Supply System is a compact fluid supply system for OEMs looking for a fast time-to-market and therefore low development costs. Robust and easy to integrate, it is ideal for full production as well as prototype printers.

For OEMs looking for a robust ink supply system, the Xaar Midas incorporates a number of useful design features:

  • An integrated printhead shut-off valve and failsafe chamber with automatic shutdown protects against ink loss during power failure
  • There is no need for external air sources or vacuum pumps
  • Changing fluids in under 30 minutes is enabled via the software
  • Ink temperature can be controlled up to 65˚C and is recirculated within the angled tank to avoid settling, which is particularly useful for heavily pigmented inks
  • Consistent high print quality in single-pass and scanning modes is ensured by the integrated hydraulic meniscus measurement system
  • The system automatically compensates the meniscus pressure within the printhead as fluid levels inside the integrated fluid reservoir change during usage.

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Available in two configurations, the XPM12 an​d XPM16 meet the demand for increased image complexity, fast image download and additional hardware acceleration as printers grow in size and functionality. The X​PM is a scalable, cost-effective data processing building block that offers the high performance and advanc​ed functionality expected by designers of today’s highly innovative industrial inkjet printers.

Key features include:​

  • 4 GB of high speed on-board memory
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Multiple XPMs can be easily and reliably networked together
  • ​Full compatibility with the existing Xaar Scorpion application software​

​Xaar's XUSB Drive Electronics (DE) is a flexible, cost effective, easy-to-integrate solution designed to drive Xaar's complete range of market-leading printheads. The XUSB DE minimises the costs and resources required by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and inkjet innovators when developing bespoke printing systems, therefore significantly reducing time-to-market.
The compact and robust electronics component can be controlled via a standard PC or laptop to enable quick and easy integration. This makes it ideal for use as part of a developer kit or fully integrated into production machines for emerging industrial applications.

Key features include:

  • ​Flexible configuration
  • 12 Xaar XUSB's can be interlinked to control up to 96 Xaar 1002 printheads
  • 512 MB on board memory per Xaar XUSB
  • Compatible with the full range of Xaar printheads
  • Reduces time-to-market.​

Head Personality Card

The slimline Xaar Head Personality Card 3 (Xaar HPC3) provides optimal and dependable data communication between a Xaar 1003 printhead and the remainder of the digital inkjet print data path.  
This proven solution significantly reduces costs and risks faced by OEMs developing bespoke printing systems and reduces time-to-market.
The slimline Xaar HPC3 is extremely mechanically robust and reliable, and has a more compact footprint than the Xaar HPC2 which it replaces. The Molex connector ensures precise alignment with the Xaar 1003 printhead and the inherent locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection.​


​Hydra Ink Supply

The Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System is a recirculating ink supply system which supports Xaar's 1003-based industrial printing machines ensuring optimal performance and reliability.  The solution includes key features such as precise nozzle pressure and ink flow rate control, precise temperature control and an intuitive user interface for monitoring either via a PC or when operating the Xaar Hydra in stand-alone mode.

Key system features include:

Simple reliable operation​

  • ​One button start/stop operation
  • No manual priming required
  • No regular operator intervention during printing
  • No fluid drips during startup or shutdown
  • Closed surface system maintains precise viscosity control.

Wide fluid operating range

  • ​Chemical resistant materials
  • ​Elevated temperature control
  • 5 – 25 cps fluid viscosity operating range.

Reduced time-to-market

  • Minimises development time

Inkjet Development System
The Xaar Inkjet Development System provides developers of commercial and industrial inkjet printers with the inkjet components necessary to build a prototype or evaluation process. The kit can be supplied with 1-4 Xaar 1003 printheads, Xaar XUSB or XPM drive electronics, the Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System and a PC software suite. This enables configuration of the data stream, integration with "upstream" software and source code, and the ability to integrate system capabilities into your application.

​Key benefits of using Xaar’s Inkjet Development System:

  • Drive electronics and ink system designed for production
  • Proven, de-risked solution with full on-site support
  • Reference design source code
  • Scalability to production which reduces time-to-market.

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