New Xaar 001 printhead enables winning tile design

6 October 2014Categories: Printheads, Ceramics, Awards, Xaar 001, Ink partner
​​​​​Xaar 001 printhead plays unique role in producing Colorobbia’s winning tile design in the Tecnargilla Design Awards 2014​

The latest Xaar 001 printhead played a key role in helping Colorobbia produce the winning tile at this year's Tecnargilla Design Awards (TDA) announced recently. These awards recognise how innovative technology and materials can be used to expand the decorative potential of ceramic tiles.

Colorobbia's winning Channa design was achieved by combining digital decoration with traditional analogue techniques to produce stunning new 3D design effects which have never been achieved on a tile before. The beautiful, richly-coloured and textured tiles were produced using a combination of black glaze and stunning silver detail printed on the Sacmi HW prin​ter using new Xaar 001 printheads and Colorobbia's optimised digital fluids.

​A number of tile designs which made up the overall award submission were only possible due to the new Xaar 001 printhead's unique ability to deposit high volumes of large particle fluids into extremely deep recesses on the tiles to create a very tactile finish – a world first!

Featuring a selectable drop volume of up to 200 nanolitres (nL), the Xaar 001 jets digital glazes and heavily-pigmented inks and can lay down up to 700 g/m2 on a tile. As a result, ceramic tile manufacturers can use the Xaar 001 and the Xaar 1002 family of inkjet printheads to create exciting new tile designs that stand out from the competition whilst benefitting from leading edge tile production efficiency.

"Xaar's latest printheads along with Colorobbia's optimised digital materials are really opening up new horizons in tile design," says Marco Toccaceli, Colorobbia. "Our aim is to inspire designers around the world to use these techniques, combined with our specialist digital fluids, to create beautiful designs that have just not been possible until now."

At Tecnargilla Sacmi also showed a variety of truly exceptional tile designs produced using its HW printer with Xaar 001 printheads and the HD printer with Xaar 1002 printheads. "Xaar's printhead range frees tile manufacturers to explore many new added-value design capabilities," says Sacmi Director Enrico Farina. "These are very exciting times for the global ceramics industry."

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