Customers looking to achieve optimum machine performance can call on Xaar's technical expertise

20 February 2015Categories: Support

​​​​​​​One of the main challenges that customers have when they invest in new digital inkjet technology is understanding how a component such as a new printhead will interact with their existing machine set-up. Customers don’t always have in-depth product knowledge or digital implementation experience so they come to us for advice and support to help make it work for them.

As a sales engineer my job as the technical point of contact is to provide the appropriate level of support at the right level of detail for different types of people; sometimes I could be dealing with technicians and other times I can be talking to someone more senior like a director.

Getting i​n tou​​ch

Customers can contact us in a variety of ways. They tend to contact us by telephone or email when they need a rapid response to an enquiry. And in situations where the issue is more complex then we will arrange to include colleagues from different Xaar technical departments to help resolve the various concerns or challenges that the customer faces.

What kind of supp​​​ort do ​customers tend to need?

This depends on whether the company is new to Xaar ​or an existing customer. New companies tend to call us because they are interested in producing a particular result and so need advice on which printhead to use, how best to integrate printheads into their planned machine and advice on any necessary changes to the system. An existing customer may, on the other hand, simply want us to explain the technical differences between our range of printheads (i.e. jetting volume, resolution and speed) and what applications each could be used for and the benefits.

The more complex and technical aspects can include helping customers understand how Xaar printheads might interact with their machines. Although we don’t design machines we do use our knowledge and experience to suggest how they may want to control the wider system to ensure optimum machine performance using our​ ​printheads.

On-goin​g support​
Support doesn’t just stop on installation. What customers really ap​preciate is our on-going commitment to meet them on a regular basis and provide both continuous onsite and remote training to help them get the best out of our ​technology. ​

New! Xaar support pa​ge

We have just recently launched the support page​ on our website where visitors can now go to download a range of educational materials and find out more about the support we offer. New and existing customers can also access Xaar’s Customer Extranet to find specific product information about anything they may need to help them get started and keep their Xaar equipment running.
Chris Anscomb, Sales Engineering Team

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