New Xaar 001 printhead enables winning tile design

6 October 2014Categories: Printheads, Ceramics, Awards, Xaar 001, Ink partner

Xaar 001 printhead plays unique role in producing Colorobbia’s winning tile design in the Tecnargilla Design Awards 2014​.

The latest Xaar 001 printhead played a key role in helping Colorobbia produce the winning tile at this year's Tecnargilla Design Awards (TDA) announced recently. These awards recognise how innovative technology and materials can be used to expand the decorative potential of ceramic tiles.

Colorobbia's winning Channa design was achieved by combining digital decoration with traditional analogue techniques to produce stunning new 3D design effects which have never been achieved on a tile before. The beautiful, richly-coloured and textured tiles were produced using a combination of black glaze and stunning silver detail printed on the Sacmi HW prin​ter using new Xaar 001 printheads and Colorobbia's optimised digital fluids.​

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