Indian Ceramics 2015

Ahmedabad, India
21 - 23 January 2015
Bob Bobertz, Xaar's General Manager Global East, will be speaking at the CERAMITEC-Workshop at Indian Ceramics 2015 taking place at the Gujrat University Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad, India.

Bob will discuss the many advantages that digital inkjet printing is bringing to the ceramics sector and will share Xaa​r's vision of the future: digitalisation of the entire deposition process in the ceramic tile production line.

In addition to the workshop visitors will also be able meet a number of Xaar's OEMs and ink partners to find out how new Xaar printheads, in particular the Xaar 1002 GS40, will deliver even more intense colours and new special effects, enabling tile manufacturers to increase differentiation, adding value to their product ranges.

Inks and Glaze partners:
  • Colorobbia – Hall D, D110 
  • Esmalglass Itaca Groupo – Hall A, A001
  • Guangdong Wanxing – Hall A, A185​
  • Smalticeram – Stand A013

  • Cretaprint – Stand A045
  • Gruppo TechnoFerrari SPA– Hall A, A051
  • SACMI – Hall A, A030
  • SITI BT – Hall A, A133​​
  • KERAjet (distributed by Arrow Digital) – Stand A124
If you wish to meet a Xaar representative at this show to learn more about the Xaar 1002 family of printheads, please email​
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