Digital Printing Conference

Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
20 - 21 September 2017

​Ramon Borrell, R&D Director at Xaar will be speaking at the Digital Printing Conference in Barcelona this September about the adoption of thin film PZT Si MEMS inkjet printheads. To book a meeting with Ramon, please email

Adoption of thin film PZT Si MEMS inkjet printheads in industrial applications: the Xaar 5601 solution
Thin film PZT Si MEMS printheads have been used for several years in office and commercial printing, and more recently have started carving their way into industrial sectors. Industrial inkjet applications welcome some of the new capabilities of the technology, such as high resolution, compactness and very high print quality. However, the Si MEMS manufacturing process imposes new restrictions on the size and shape of actuators, which in combination industrial inkjet application requirements poses serious challenges to printhead design. The Xaar 5601 has addressed the challenges in a number of ways, including novel architecture and design solutions, alignment and calibration methods, and formulation and structure of the PZT elements. This has resulted in a robust, reliable, affordable, easy to install, compact, productive solution.

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