Canadean Beverage Packaging Conference 2016

Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Belgium
25 - 26 October 2016

Xaar - Beverage Packaging Conf 2016.jpg

The Canadean Beverage Packaging Conference will bring together non – alcoholic and alcoholic brands under one roof to discuss the latest packaging trends and promote innovative thinking.

Richard Darling, Director of Business Development ‒ Direct-to-shape for Xaar will be discussing the accessibility and readiness of technology to deliver customisable digital package decoration for shaped containers by direct inkjet printing.  Expect to hear the following:

  • Evaluating what really determines image quality on shapes
  • Exploring what can and can't yet be done
  • Examining how running costs compare
  • Discussing what stands in the way of change
  • Evaluating where to get more information

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