Industrial inkjet printhead technology is becoming the dominant market force and driver of change. There is no other digital print technology that is comparable to inkjet in terms of speed and versatility. This has changed the landscape for integrators – the application of the printed element or message is now an integral part of the production process which needs to be included as part of the manufacturing line.

Examples of Product Printing include decorating all types of product, printing directly to aluminum cans or glass bottles, printing difficult to mark medical implements, printing full colour logos and other functional graphics onto many different products from garden tools to the fascias of washing machines.  Xaar company Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) is a leader in this sector.

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Manufacturers have been printing directly onto their products for many years. Engineered Printing Services began its operation with traditional analogue pad printing methods.  However, over the last ten years the company has manufactured and serviced the growing demand for customers wanting to leverage digital inkjet for product printing because of the many advantages this technology offers:

  • Shorter production runs
  • Just-in-time printing
  • The ability to hold less inventory
  • Personalisation
  • Very quick artwork changeover including variable data
  • The ability to respond very quickly to demand.
  • Variable data printing

Other advantages include high throughput capabilities coupled with the quality of production and lower labour and maintenance costs. The range of printed products is vast and varied. For this reason, machines that are used in the printing process are often highly customised.

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Engineered Printing Solutions
Xaar company EPS has a long track record of success through providing both analogue and digital inkjet bespoke printing solutions to a wide variety of market sectors including promotional, packaging, medical, automotive, apparel, appliances, sports equipment and toys.  

A team of highly experienced technical engineers design and manufacture customised printing solutions to exacting customer specifications such as:

  • Automation
  • Custom fixture design
  • Bulk loading and unloading
  • Robotic pick-and-place
  • A variety of pre- and post-treatment options including corona treating, flaming, UV curing and infrared conveyor ovens.

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