​​​​​The graphics sector covers the digital printing of advertising materials – including the production of indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition panels, posters, billboards, fleet and building wraps.
The graphics sector was one used in the earliest to be revolutionised by first generation inkjet printheads, which were large drop, binary machines. This has evolved as the end-user expectations on print quality and productivity have increased.
Graphics printers are generally referred to as wide- or grand-format graphics printers. They typically operate in scanning mode to ensure excellent image production on materials such as vinyl, textile, paper, foam board or rigid laminate. A carriage with multiple printheads makes numerous side-to-side passes over the substrate, whether on roll-to-roll machines or flatbed units.
Xaar’s extensive range of printheads and inks for the graphics industry offers the utmost flexibility, with solvent solutions that are durable and fade-resistant for outdoor applications and UV-curable or eco-solvent inks for indoor signage.

Why digital?

Faster and cheaper set-up

With digital inkjet printing there is no costly screen production, making it economical to print short runs – including one-off individual items.  This makes more frequent advertising changes economically viable.

Customised graphics
The lower cost of very short print runs makes the production of customised graphics much more viable and enables end users to react more rapidly to trends and design changes. 

Shorter lead times

The ability to print images faster and at lower cost (reduced inventory) has driven the on-demand business model in the graphics sector.

Why inkjet?

Scaleable technology​

With digital inkjet printing, multiple printhead passes enable both small and large graphics to be printed on machines between 1 and 5 metres wide. Traditional screen printing, by contrast, is fixed in both width and repeat length so cannot be scaled up this way.

Smaller footprint

Up to six-colour screen printing requires six separate print stations. This is not necessary with digital inkjet systems, where additional colours can be enabled by adding extra printheads with potentially no change in the machine footprint.

More flexibility

Inks that were only an option for screen printing – including whites, spot colours, varnishes and metallics – are now becoming available for digital inkjet printing, without the need for an additional machine.

Ease of operation

Simple to use digital inkjet printers do not require the same level of skilled knowledge to operate compared to screen printing machinery and are easy to maintain.​

Why Xaar?

The printhead of choice for the graphics sector is the Xaar 501 which delivers excellent reliability, high production up-time and exceptional print quality​.​


Exceptional print quality
  • ​The new printhead incorporates PrecisionPlus, a brand new architecture from Xaar designed to enable indoor and outdoor signage printers to remain at the leading edge of print performance.
  • The enhanced actuator gives ​exceptionally uniform drop formation delivering even colour density across the swathe width
  • The Xaar 501 can p​rint in binary mode at up to 1440 dpi with an 8 pL drop size or with 4 grey levels at 360 dpi to deliver high productivity with an effective resolution of over 600 dpi​

Industrial reliability
  • ​The Xaar 501 combines PrecisionPlus architecture with the option of Xaar's unique TF Technology® to deliver exceptional reliability, even in the harshest environments
  • Internal temperature management and an industrial design allow the printhead to work with a wide range of fluid viscosities in varying ambient temperatures. This ensures high reliability all year round
  • A robust metal body and recessed nozzle plate protect against costly damage from media crashes or other mechanical impacts.

Flexible and easy integration
  • ​The Xaar 501 has a simple and accurate mounting system enabling multiple printheads to be mounted together with minimal adjustments for fast installation
  • Industry standard ink fittings, an integrated filter module and simple ink priming enable easy, clean and secure connection to ink systems.

​Known technology leaders
  • ​​Reflecting our commitment to innovation, Xaar has invested significantly in technology development and manufacturing capability to support our new product development plans for graphics.​​​​

Printheads for graphics