Printing on secondary packaging is typically done with Drop-on-Demand (DoD) printers using piezoelectric technology because it produces superior print quality. These printers, which are small and portable, can be easily installed in a production line.

Xaar has long been associated with barcode and simple data printing directly onto outer case cartons.

By developing innovative digital printhead technologies and specialist solvent and UV inks, we are helping coding and marking companies to achieve faster line speeds, increase throw distance and print more accurately onto non-absorbent surfaces.

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Why digital?

Production changeover

Digital printing offers high degrees of flexibility enabling changes to variable data in-line reducing production down time.  Variable data such as serialised barcodes and real-time date stamps can be changed for each item.

Variable data

Combined variable and fixed data in one print process leads to production efficiencies as well as providing traceability, localisation or personalisation of the product or packaging​.

Reduced inventory

There is no need to hold extensive stocks as items can be printed on-demand in the quantities required.

Why inkjet?

​High quality print finish

Digital inkjet printing can deliver high contrast sharp lines and alphanumerics enabling consistent, accurate machine and human reading.

Substrate flexibility

Digital inkjet printing is compatible with oil-based, solvent-based and UV inks, so that printing onto a wide range of substrates is possible. ​

Non-contact printing

The non-contact nature of digital inkjet techniques means no damage to packaging when printing.

​Why Xaar?

Xaar has two major printhead families for the coding and marking industry depending on your printing requirements.

For a compact, light and powerful printhead use the Xaar 128
  • A compact footprint, light carriage weight of only 16 grams makes the agile Xaar 128 printhead ideal for applications where weight and size are a key factor to design
  • Specifically engineered for easy integration into printers thanks to a simple electronic interface and ability to stitch together multiple printheads quickly
  • A programmable circuit offers advanced customisation and tuning as well as better control of ink characteristics, waveform and print temperature control
  • Industry standard ink fittings and simple ink priming enable an easy, clean and secure connection to ink systems
  • The Xaar 128 printhead provides a fast and cost-effective route to market for both suppliers of digital inkjet technology and those wishing to move into inkjet technology to diversify their product offering

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For a larger print width, advanced inkjet technology, exceptional print quality and ease of integration use the Xaar 502
  • Covering all standard EAN-13 barcode files with a print swathe up to 70.5mm
  • Linear speeds up to 560 mm/s when printing at 360 dpi or 1000 mm/s when printing at 180 dpi print resolution configurations
  • TF Technology® allows ink recirculation to be implemented which improves reliability, enables nozzle self-recovery, extended maintenance cycles and the elimination air bubbles
  • PrecisionPlus gives exceptionally uniform drop formation delivering even print density across the swathe width
  • 6 grey levels enables customised and more detailed graphics and logos to be printed more subtly than with a binary printhead
  • A 15pL to 75pL drop size enables high contrast black print on light to dark brown substrates

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