Who we are

Xaar is a world leader in the development of digital inkjet technology and an award-winning manufacturer of piezoelectric drop-on-demand industrial inkjet printheads.

Our technology is used all over the world in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including graphics, labels, direct-to-shape packaging decoration, ceramic tiles, laminates, and outer case coding – as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.

We design and manufacture our printheads in Huntingdon, UK, including the market leading Xaar 2001+ and export over 95% of our production to customers around the world.

We also develop and sell ink systems, electronics and fluid optimisation services to accelerate inkjet system development and adoption. 

Growing through innovation

The dynamic world of global manufacturing provides an exciting opportunity for Xaar. Most things we come into contact with on a daily basis are patterned, decorated, printed or finished in some way; the packaging and labels in our supermarkets, the boxes containing everything we buy, the tiles and laminate flooring in our homes and offices, the televisions we watch and the solar panels used to power our buildings.

Many production processes used in the manufacture of these products use traditional analogue technology. However, Xaar's industrial inkjet technology has already transformed a number of industries, and in other sectors the pace of conversion to digital is starting to accelerate.

Creating long-term value

Xaar invests 20% of revenue annually in Research and Development (R&D) to remain at the forefront of global inkjet technology. We have more than 250  patents and patent applications and continue to regularly add to our Intellectual Property portfolio. Currently our key patented technologies include: Shear Mode Technology, Shared Wall Technology, Chevron Technology, Hybrid Side Shooter® architecture, and the revolutionary TF Technology® .  To read more about these, visit our Technology  pages.  
Xaar offers a wide range of industrial digital inkjet printheads which are designed and produced to meet customer-driven requirements; we sell to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world through regional sales offices and approved distributors. Xaar's highly skilled applications engineers offer the highest level of technical support to assist OEMs and other customers

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Download our Xaar Guide to read more about Xaar applications, products and technology.

Xaar Guide


History of Xaar

​Corporate policie​​​​s​

​Quality Assurance Policy

Xaar is committed to achievin​g the total satisfaction of its customers. We shall achieve th​​​​is by continually improving our business processes to add value.​​             

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Terms of Warranty

​This policy outlines the terms of warranty for Xaar products. 

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Terms​ & Conditions of Purchase

​​​This policy outlines Xaar's terms and conditions of purchase​.​

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Modern Slavery Act Statement

General statement of Complience - slavery act.

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Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety policy provides a framework for the setting and reviewing of Occupational Health & Safety objective​​s.                                                                   ​ 

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End of Life Policy​

This document defines our policy which in turn helps our customers manage their end-of-life programmes.​

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Quality Management System Certification       

ISO 90​01:2008                                                                

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Environmental Policy

This environmental po​​licy commits the company to meet all applicable legal and other requirements to which we​​ subscribe and that relate to our environmental aspects.​​​​

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Terms & Conditions of Sale​

​​This policy outlines the terms and conditions of sale for any goods or services provided by Xaar.​

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Environmental Management System Certification

ISO 14001:2004​

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